Classy Cakes

HI Diane,

I know I am sending you a ton of pictures but I couldn't help myself! We don't have any
family in town so I have been emailing family and friends your creation since yesterday! My
older daughter and I stared at it all day!!! Brenna was really surprised and she was absolutely
blown away by all the detail you put into the cake. Same with my husband: he is a dentist
(and very artistic) so he very much appreciated the artistic detail.  Brenna took off each
decoration and we wrapped them all carefully in baggies and froze them and the top part of
the cake to hopefully share with family/friends when they visit. It was REALLY  hard to
dismantle and cut into such a beautiful creation and it took us until late last night to finally
do it! But we were really glad we did because it was delicious!!!!!!  We all think you should try
out for "The Next Great Baker" show! I cut a big slice to take into my husband's dental
office to share today!
Gosh...words just cannot describe how much we appreciate your talents (baking and artistic-
wise!). This will be a birthday Brenna will never forget! :)

Next day... We seriously cannot stop talking about the cake details...wish you could have
heard the comments like; "Look how she bent the pant legs and the detail in the belt and
stitching, and the purple boot details, and the way you painted the leopard spotted shoe on
top, the way the purses were shaped so they looked so real, and the shopping bag was a
HUGE hit, as was the peach hat (we told Brenna that you actually took the time to look the
website up and saw that hat online!!!) Im still too busy gushing over the cakes perfection...  :)
I had another piece for lunch! Yum!

Hey Diane!  Your birthday cake was a “Home Run out of the Park.”  My wife was totally
surprised.  It was a masterpiece that would exceed even the Cake Boss  on TV.  Our  Family
sat around the table for over an hour in awe.  It was very difficult to cut into such a
beautiful cake, and it was delicious!
Thank You!  Jim Klein

My whole experience of working with Diane at Classy Cakes was a positive one. From the
initial meeting to the delivery of my wedding cake it was a pleasure to work with such a
professional. The finished product far surpassed my expectations. Everyone kept saying they
couldn't believe those weren't REAL flowers!  The cake not only was a piece of art, it was
delicious as well. I have been hearing compliments on it ever since the wedding! I will
definitely recommend her to friends and use her again myself when I need a very special cake.
Pam Cruse

Thank you for making the amazing George for Cash not only did it look beautiful it tasted
amazing!! ...I loved your buttercream !! ...all yummy thank you again for going above and
beyond and making our experience wonderful for all of us
thx Christina Miller...

Hi Diane! husband and I LOVED the cake, my sister LOVED the cake, and we heard nothing but
positive comments about it.  It was the third star of the "show" after the twins!  It
exceeded our expectations.  It was deeeelicious (especially the lemon - mmm!) and we could
not have asked for anything more.  It was AMAZINGLY beautiful and so fun to look at!
...all I can say is...
1) Wow!
2) I think I said, "Classy Cakes in Old Town" about 40 times today.
3) Wow!

Once more, thank you!  I can't wait to do business with you again.

You made a cake last week for my nephews birthday that was totally fantastic! We
celebrated @ Hooters so you know which one I am talking It totally blew him away!
It also tasted great! I was visiting Ft. Collins from Mississippi. I wanted you to know that we
all enjoyed. Thanks. MJ  Have you ever participated in cake competitions on tv? You should.
Thanks again. :)

...The cake was a HUGE HIT, it was just so cute…..everybody loved it, especially the
birthday boy!  Thanks again for everything!

...Everyone thought the cake was absolutely fabulous!!!!!! Thanks so much. Grandma Fornes

So, the cake was amazing!... thank you so much!!!  I am appreciative beyond words.  My dad
LOVED it; he literally clapped when he saw it.  It was awesome!  Also, it was probably one of
the most delicious cakes I have ever eaten!  Although his party was canceled - the cake is
now GONE!  I ended up taking some to my sisters and everyone loved it! ... Again, thank you,
Diane!  I really appreciate what you did for me and my dad!  It means a lot more than you

Dear Diane,
...Thanks again for all your work and accommodation to our needs, the cupcakes were
beautiful!!  And the spice ones were exceptionally delicious!


Hi Diane,

I wanted to write to say thank you for the cake for our gender reveal party last week. It
was such a fun way to celebrate with family! I attached some pictures so you could see how
the party turned out. The cake was DELICIOUS-- okay, I'll admit-- I had some for
breakfast the next morning :) Thanks again!


Thanks for making my cake. I really liked it and it made my party extra special. It was
JUST how I wanted it. Thanks again!
Dear Diane,
Brian and I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did on our cake. It was beautiful
and everyone loved it! It tasted great...we are looking forward to our mini top tier next
Thanks again,
Kristin and Brian
Northern Virginia, including Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William County
The cake was beautiful and I loved all the details! You're awesome!
Some of the managers and everyone in the office helped me enjoy eating this amazing piece
of art today, and my family and friends absolutely flipped with excitement. It was delicious!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  

Just wanted to let you know what a HIT the cake was!  Thank you so much for adding the
baby in the ball cap!  He was just precious and “made” the cake!  Everyone was so impressed
with the cake and I mentioned your name LOTS!!!!  Also, the cake was delicious and there
was plenty of it!
Thanks again.
Nancy Roosa

My wife absolutely LOVED her birthday cake!  Everyone at the party was amazed by how
life-like and similar the dachshund looked like our Bailey pup.  Not only did the cake look
incredible, but the cherry cake flavor and the Vanilla Buttercream icing were both delicious,
and your cake was a very big hit all around.  
Thank you again for helping make my wife’s 40th a very special and memorable occasion.
Tim Badman

Hey Diane, Yara (and everyone) LOVED her cake, thank you so much it was amazing! Here
are some photos

Cake was fabulous!! Everyone loved it!! Looking forward to doing more business with you :)
Thanks to my SIL and Classy Cakes for an awesome cake to welcome my little Aleena! SO
cute and delicious!
It was delicious! Best fondant that I've ever had!

-From Facebook
That was my cake!!! I can't tell you enough how much I loved it!!! That shark was so life like
and amazing and the cake itself was so tasty and delicious!! Thank you so did a
fantastic job!!!
Diane , thanks a lot the cake was awesome - and it tasted awesome too have both was
out of this world! ...If there's another big birthday we will def call you back.


OH MY GOODNESS!!! what a beautiful cake you made!! I couldn't have been happier, and
neither could the mamma to be!
The entire shower party was so impressed. I love the artistic detail and love you put into
this. Everyone there wanted to know who made this cake, and asked for your name/number...
so I hope more business is coming your way.  
Should you ever need a reference, please feel free to use me!

Thank you again!


-From Facebook
Not only was my son Zach's cake amazing looking, it tasted wonderful too. Thank you so much
for the beautiful cake and for making his birthday so special! We are so happy and I can't
wait till Luke's birthday for another one of you amazing cakes! (Niki)

-From Facebook
The gator cake was the biggest hit at the party, thank you so much for making the most
beautiful and delicious cake EVER! You are soooo talented! (Katrina)

-From Facebook
This was beyond my expectations and the cake itself was delicious! My fav was the
strawberry! I ran out of your business cards but am referring everyone to your (Facebook)
page. Thanks so much! (Amber)